Fred Weeks

Director, Health, Safety & Environmental Services

(318) 429-2271


Fred Weeks joined Brammer Engineering, Inc. in 2000 as the Health, Safety and Environmental Director to continue the growth of the HSE process and implement systems to ensure compliance and manage the Master Service Agreement process. He has experience in Hazardous Waste Management, NORM remediation, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Auditing as well as Advanced Safety Training Certifications from NSC. Fred received a Diploma of Safety and Health from the Safety Training Institute and is a Registered Environmental Manager, Registered Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer, Certified Infrastructure Preparedness Specialist and a Radiation Safety Officer. Fred is currently a member of the International Society of Technical and Environmental Professionals, American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Safety Council. Fred has over 40 years experience in Oil & Gas HSE.



Will Ward

Manager, Health, Safety & Environmental Services

(318) 429-2267


Will Ward joined our Brammer Engineering team in 2001 with his primary focus being the supervision of the day to day Health, Safety and Environmental operations. He received a Bachelorís degree in Environmental Science in May of 1998 from Louisiana State University in Shreveport and his MBA in May of 2011. His experience includes Safety Auditing, Air Quality Permitting, NORM, Waste Management, Spill Response, and Safety & Environmental training. Will received the Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council and is a Registered Environmental Manager and a Registered Environmental Property Assessor.


Kathleen Barr


Permitting Specialist

(318) 455-8270


Kathleen Barr joined Brammer Engineering, Inc. in 2007. As an Environmental Specialist, she is primarily responsible for air quality permitting and compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.  Prior to joining Brammer, she was employed by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Regions Bank in the Natural Resources and Real Estate Department. Kathleen is a Registered Environmental Manager, Radiation Safety Officer and a Certified Safety Environmental and Emergency Manager. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management Systems from Louisiana State University. 


Elizabeth Crafts

Systems Developer/Analyst

(318) 564-4629


Elizabeth Crafts is a Systems Developer/Analyst responsible for database design and maintenance, as well as systems development design, training and implementation. Elizabeth is analytical and detail-oriented, and has experience with data mining and operations research techniques. She received her Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Southern Methodist University and her Master of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Louisiana State University.

Rachel King

Environmental and Safety Technician

(318) 453-7840



Rachel King joined Brammer Engineering in 2008 as an Environmental and Safety Technician.  She has experience developing and filing air quality permits and SPCC plans, as well as safety training. Rachel is also a Radiation Safety Officer.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana Tech University.

Larry Cooper

HSE Supervisor

(318) 429-2358


Larry Cooper is an HSE Supervisor responsible for auditing and evaluating contractors and conducting training on various safety-related topics.  Larry received his B. S. degree in Chemistry, with minors in Math and German, from Louisiana Tech University and began his career as an Analytical Chemist.  He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene.  He is a PEC SafeLand/SafeGulf trainer and a certified Hydrogen Sulfide Safety trainer with 35 years of experience.

Peyton Giddens

HSE Specialist

(318) 429-2268


Peyton is a HSE Specialist who joined our team in 2005. He has experience working in drilling operations safety inspections, Phase I Audits, spill response and remediation, incident investigations and SPCC plans. Peyton is a Registered Environmental Manager, Certified Safety and Environmental Manager, Radiation Safety Officer, and received the Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Natchitoches.

Billy Chrisman

HSE Specialist

(318) 429-2286


Billy came to Brammer Engineering Inc. in 1997 with a background in drilling and production operations. Initially, his job involved overseeing safety operations in construction, drilling, and completion. He branched out into Well Site Supervision in 2008. He rejoined the HSE department in February 2012 and is involved in safety auditing and training. Billy has an Associate degree in Oil and Gas Technology and Industrial Safety. He has worked in both onshore and offshore operations in the oil and gas industry for 36 years.


Al LaCombe

HSE Specialist

(337) 501-1966


Al is a Senior HSE Specialist who joined our team in March 2003. He has many years of experience working in Production, Drilling, and Safety and Environmental and as a Drilling Loss Control and Safety Coordinator. Al is a Registered Environmental Manager, Certified Infrastructure Preparedness Specialist, Radiation Safety Officer, PEC SafeLand/SafeGulf trainer and is a certified instructor in many compliance related disciplines. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Al has over 35 years experience. 

Sarah Palmer

Training & Technical Assistance

(318) 429-2346


Sarah joined Brammer Engineering in 2008 as the Peloton WellView software administrator. She is responsible for training and providing technical assistance for the WellView application to all office and field personnel. Sarah also is a Safety and Environmental Technician developing SPCC Plans.  Sarah received her B.S. in Ocean and Coastal Resources with a minor in Geology from Texas A&M University. She began her career as a Pipeline Data Analyst and then as a Drilling Fluids Engineer. Sarah has over 7 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. 

Sheryl Cole

HSE Systems Specialist

(318) 429-2377


As HSE Systems Specialist, Sheryl is responsible for the development and management of Master Service Agreements, Insurance, Safety Questionnaires and Training tracking systems to assure compliance. Sheryl is active in the Red River Desk and Derrick Club, has served as 2009 Director, club photographer and volunteered on many committees.